Managing Oneself

Getting Started, Managing Oneself- Career Advice

In the article “Managing Oneself,” Peter Drucker discusses the following questions we need to ask to make the most of our career paths.

 What are my strengths?

“Go to work on acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to fully realize your strengths.” Once you know what your strengths are, work on improving them. The focus on strengths does not mean we can ignore our weaknesses -especially if they produce bad habits.

How do I perform?

Do you learn by reading, listening, or doing? Do you work best in a team or alone? It’s important to recognize the differences in how people receive information and how they work.  Knowing how you work will make it easier to interact with others.

What are my values?

Recognize that your values can change. You may need to move on to find an organization that is a better fit.

Where do I belong? What should I contribute?

It’s unlikely you will have the answer to these two when you are just starting your career. As you get to know yourself you will have a better understanding of where you fit in an organization and what roles are best suited to you.

Key Takeaways from “Managing Oneself

  • Know how you work with different people. Dynamics may change between working in the field and your domestic office.
  • Know how you can best contribute to an organization.
  • Know what kind of opportunities are a good fit.
  • Acquire skills as needed (inspiration for starting this blog).
  • Seek other ways to learn. The methods used in school are not the only way.

What are other tips for knowing yourself and how you work?



2 thoughts on “Managing Oneself

  1. Great advice! Also, I find that I know myself better by taking a look at who I know. In other words, who my friends are. I recently noticed that–either by happy accident or (more likely) a subconscious pull–all of my closest friends perform some sort of development work! Whether it is school counseling, clinical psychology, or community development, I’m drawn to those who positively engage with others.

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  2. I think you can begin the ‘Know Thyself’ process by starting with your temperament, it counts for a lot in the way we behave and the choices we make & even to some extent the crowd of people we hang around. ie Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic.

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