Humans of New York


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Humans of New York is a blog started by photojournalist Brandon Stanton who stops strangers in New York City to take portraits and ask questions. These snapshots often lead to short but intimate narratives about people’s lives.

While we can all relate to loss or friendship, HONY is now confirming that these experiences are universal by traveling to 10 countries with the United Nations to share stories from across the globe. While the similarities among us should be no surprise, the project is making huge waves on social media. It may help that photo captions are a lot shorter than consuming a book on social and cultural anthropology.

“On the closing day of school, they chose him to be a presenter at the awards ceremony. He got up on stage and sang ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings.’”  “Did you cry?”       “Of course I did.”                                     Photo Credit: Brandon Stanton, ‘Humans of New York’

The project ends this month, but there are other photographers who regularly share global stories. Check out the short list below and be sure to visit Humans of New York.

Everyday Africa Conglomerate of pictures by photojournalists across Africa.

Everyday Middle East Photos from across the Middle East.

Marcus Bleasdale Human rights & conflict (slide over the info button on each picture).

Ed Kashi Photos of Syrian refugees, Northern Nigeria, and more.

Nana Kofi Acquah A Ghanaian photographer with a focus on Africa.

Raghu Rai Extensive coverage of India.

David Guttenfelder Shots from North Korea, Afghanistan, and Gaza. His instagram account includes captions.

Know of others? Share below!


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