More on Dead Aid

Dead Aid
Is Aid Killing Africa? Dambisa Moyo talks about Dead Aid on ABC

Read the first few pages of Dead Aid in The Washington Post.

NYTimes Interview: Questions For Dambisa Moyo
Question: If people want to help out, what do you think they should do with their money if not make donations?
Moyo’s answer: Microfinance. Give people jobs.


Cato Institute Video and Podcast

Watch this talk between Moyo and Todd Moss of the  Center for Global Development. He warns against generalizing all aid as bad and draws from his personal experience. Although, his praise of aid working in Ghana may falter in light of recent events.

Why Dead Aid is Dead Wrong

This review is written by ODI Executive Director Kevin Watkins. He criticizes Moyo’s anti-aid theory and believes “the real debate should be over how to increase aid effectiveness.” Thanks to Aid Leap for pointing this one out.


One thought on “More on Dead Aid

  1. Idea: self-determination. Asking the African public their thoughts on whether aid should remain a factor after educating them on the pros and cons–that would settle the matter.

    Also, the youtube comments on Moyo’s video are so insightful!

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