What Did You Read in 2014?


Reading a book for 30 minutes can reduce stress and boost your concentration. – The Wall Street Journal

Here are some of the best book lists floating around this time of year (in no particular order). Not all are related to development so there should be some unfamiliar titles to add to your 2015 bookshelf (or e-reader).

Ready? William Easterly hailed In the Light of What We Know as the best novel of 2014. Howard French, author of China’s Second Continent, compiled everything he read this year. Zara Rahman, a global dev data specialist, made a great list of the 50 books she read this year -all by women.

Other book lists include This is Africa’s choices for the best African works published between 2010-2014. The Washington Post says these books were the best, here’s what celebrities read, what the New York Public Library staff liked, and the books that impacted Maria Popova of the website Brain Pickings the most.

I re-read the Harry Potter series recently so Deathly Hallows is at the top of my list. As for development books, I learned the most from Development as Freedom but Dead Aid was the best written (good information and clear writing).

What was your favorite book of 2014? What is on your to-read list for 2015?


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