The Bright Continent

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the bright continent

The Bright Continent challenges the typical helpless depiction of Africans seen in the mainstream media and poverty campaigns. There is growing conversation about the need for a new approach to communications in international development and this illuminating account of day-to-day narratives is a great place to start.

Olopade visited 18 countries to document the ways Africans are taking control of their development through entrepreneurial and innovative means by making use of the resources around them. It is an account of the power of grassroots initiatives outside the sphere of Western aid and international intervention, which many other books focus on. In particular she highlights technology, commercialism, nature (natural resources), and youth.

When you’re thinking of Africa in the context of the wars you’ve seen, the poverty you assume, or the government you’ve given up on, you’re likewise missing the point. In the age of breakthrough technologies and instant access to information, blindness is no excuse. The stories in this book provide a new compass – not just for the continent, but for every sector of the global economy.

-Dayo Olopade, The Bright Continent


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