What to Think About While Reading “Geek Heresy”

Geek Heresy

1. The author isn’t against technology, as illustrated in Chapter 6. According to him, under what conditions would a technology project make sense in development? Do you agree?

2. In development, people often speak of needs-based approaches versus rights-based approaches. The book raises the possibility of an aspiration-based approach. How might an aspiration-based approach differ from the others? How might it be the same?

3. If you had to do without all of your education or all of your electronic gadgets, which would you pick?

4. If you are interested in an ICT4D career, has Geek Heresy changed the way you will approach your work? How, if so?

5. In what ways does Geek Heresy support the main arguments of The Tyranny of Experts?

Thank you Kentaro Toyama for your input!


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