Should I Go to Graduate School?

Grad School

I am currently having the graduate school vs more experience dilemma and have found the following resources helpful in deciding if and when to go to grad school.

When Is Grad School Worth It?

 Written by Kate Nixon at Investopedia. What she says to consider:

Does graduate school fit with your career goals? How much can you expect to earn after graduating?

What MA, MPA, or MIA program is for you? By Chris Blattman

Most useful post I have read about development programs.

The problem with graduate degrees in international affairs and development

Also by Chris Blattman (have you subscribed to his blog yet?)

Should you get your graduate degree in the US or the UK?

The anxiety and speculation of potential grad students.

Bad reasons to go to grad school: Consider these red flags in your decision

This one comes from the job search site Hopefully you know yourself well enough to avoid going for these reasons:

You are avoiding personal/family/financial obligations
You are avoiding or having difficulty in the job hunt
You are dissatisfied with your current employment
You don’t know what to do with your life
You think a graduate degree is necessary for your next steps
You have always been curious about X
You have always wanted to live in X

Other resources to consider?