*I’m back in school and no longer managing the blog. Feel free to keep in touch on Twitter @devnovice for occasionally development book updates and @jessieamp.

Welcome to The Development Book Club! We read one international development book a month then discuss its themes and relations to our work/studies. Anyone interested in development is encouraged to participate. Whether you are a young professional, student (you have time for this?), or established in the field, you are welcome to read and share your experiences.
Apart from reading, I will occasionally post some relevant career guidance (by experienced people, don’t worry). I hope to feature some profiles of people in the field and share relevant material about working in development. More links for you!

You can reach us on twitter @devnovice because the computer people took devbookclub or email developmentbookclub@outlook.com.


About Me

I’m Jessie. I graduated from the University of Toronto and am currently serving a purgatory sentence in Cleveland, Ohio where there is no international development community (or much else beyond the world renown orchestra and extreme racial segregation). I decided to reach out online to see if there are others who know they need to learn more about development, and would appreciate having a community to do so. I know about books like The End of Poverty and Dead Aid,but never read them (and 30 Rock was at its peak during university; I can’t do everything). Three years after graduating (1.5 since 30 Rock ended), I am trying to learn more about development beyond articles and criticisms of criticisms found on blogs and twitter. Sound good? Let’s read.



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