More About Capital in the 21st Century

Capital in the 21st Century

For a more in depth look, watch this 90-minute talk during his visit to CUNY’s graduate center.

Piketty Explained: Full Summary

The only post on this blog thoroughly breaks down Capital in 30 second and 15 minute summaries.

“Capital”, Summarised in Four Paragraphs

A (very) brief summary from The Economist. The comment section is quite an adventure.

How Gender Changes “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”

This is one of the few articles that discusses a glaring missing component of Piketty’s capital evaluation -gender and race!

“Capital” and the Developing World by Nancy Birdsall

Birdsall comments on where the developing world fits into Piketty’s model for reducing inequality.

Piketty’s brilliant book does not address the issue of global justice, but it does provoke this question: What is the future of a global capitalist system in which economic opportunities and vulnerabilities are evermore integrated and interdependent, but one without the equivalent of a global state to manage its politics and contain its inegalitarian dynamic?



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